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Unofficially Finished

I have unofficially finished my GOM Booklet and DNA Poster projects (technically the booklet hasn’t been signed off so I still could get feedback on that, but I’m confident it’s done!). It feels like it was a long project but I started it last month so it was actually done pretty fast considering it was something new to me. It was a fun project to get the chance to work on and I’ve learnt a lot about working with clients and following design briefs. Though there were changes that had to be made to make it more accessible, I was disappointed in the changes because it ruined the nice designs but I care so much about accessibility that I didn’t mind as much after making the changes.

After what feels like forever, I have finally started my rebranding of BladeDaBunny! I’ve been holding off my own branding for so long because I didn’t think I was at the point of advertising myself for anything other than character art commissions. Now I feel I am at a point in both my skills and motivation to start my own business. I want to take on logo design jobs, do designs for companies and sell my work as posters, cards, shirts, etc. I’m very excited about starting my work. The biggest challenge was whether I should change my name to my actual name or keep it as my silly username. I decided to make BladeDaBunny my business that is run by Caprice Dipple. I have both names in there, I have my own brand using a username I’ve had for over a decade and I can keep my fanbase that I already have without fear of losing anything. It’s a strange business name and is likely to be dismissed by some companies but in a professional capacity I’d use Caprice Dipple to advertise myself. Next step is updating my website and social media to match my new brand!

Recently I haven’t been happy with the quality of my art but I still loved my style when drawing people. I was sure of the changes that needed to be made to make me happier with making my art. After going through all of my art from the last 3 years, I made a list of things I wanted to keep in my style and things that needed to be changed! The main things I loved were my art style and the way I shade. I wasn’t happy with my lack of backgrounds, motion/character poses and the line thickness I use when drawing. With these in mind I tried a few tests whilst drawing to see what I could improve. I found that I may still have a long way to go. I've begun loving my art more with these changes and they are fun to work on! My favourite thing is learning how to do backgrounds in a way that follows my style. I still need practice but I’m proud of the progress I’m making.

This week my favourite band, The Struts, released their upcoming UK/Europe tour dates! I got so lucky because they are coming to Manchester on the 11th of August. On the 13th I’ll be on a plane to Arizona, so I don’t have to miss them! They are also playing at the same place they played last year, which was super accessible and was the best experience I’ve ever had at a concert! Last year when I saw them, the ‘wheelchair space’ wasn’t really one at all, instead, I could sit anywhere but on the dance floor, which worked out great because I got to sit right at the edge of the stage and was super safe the whole time! Staff were great last year and I was given free water due to it being the hottest day of the year and we were all locked inside a rock concert, it was boiling. Fingers crossed I get the same experience as last year, hopefully not as hot though!

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