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Becoming The Boss

A post on a Tuesday? Weird, missed a few Thursdays, I haven't been doing too well. I'm back on my wheels now and working EXTRA hard to keep going! I have so much fun stuff to share with you guys.


This beautiful photo of a bridal mannequin at The White Collection and this sports chair mannequin at a Gymshark in London. Both made me ball my eyes out, they are so amazing to see both activities people don't think of for wheelchair users or disabled people but seeing the representation means everything to me!


I got to represent the Local Offer and DISC at the Manchester Tech Festival with Ezra. We had a great time and got a few good contacts! It was worth it. This was my first time presenting in front of so many people but I had Ezra with me so it was way less scary. Sadly didn't, get nor can I find, any photos of us other than this one:


Halloween has come and gone, I share the best Halloween I've ever had on my socials where we all wore our boss's face and filmed a creepy video. While also scaring him with them the very next day.

Some behind-the-scenes photos! My co-worker and I cutting and wearing the masks.


Had a little college reunion with two of my best friends from college. We went for drinks and then saw the Five Nights at Freddy's movie. It was such a fun time to see them again and catch up! The movie was okay, I mean it was a 15+ 'horror' film themed around a video game from 2014.


My parents went away for a few days first time in a long time, my brother and his girlfriend took care of me. We had a great time honestly. The first day my parents rang every other hour but after my brother's girlfriend took care of me for the whole day, the next day it was radio silence from my parents! She and I have always gotten along and this brought us so much closer, I love her to bits, and I'm grateful for her helping me get ready in the mornings and with my personal needs with no issues (other than my hoist breaking but she handled that in an amazing way too). It was nice to know I'll be safe with people even when my parents aren't around. She did a 12/10 job! My brother on the other hand could have helped a bit more...but he still did amazing too, he doesn't look after me too often but when he has too, I can count on him.

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