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Dipple Ducks

For my work at SENDCode, Local Offer wanted a way to get their services out there for young people to know about. The best way to do this was through Social Media. I will be running the accounts. At the moment we have an Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter/X accounts. Look up @DippleDoes and give us a follow!

Dipple Does is a channel to help young people know what is out there for them and how to access them. Manchester's Local Offer provides a wide range of activities, services, and support for children and youths aged 14-25 with special educational needs or disabilities. It includes resources on education, travel, health, money, and more, as well as support groups and independent living options.


I was able to meet with young people in Pioneer House to get their voice on the Local offer and they helped me understand their interests in social media and how they’d like to use it to receive news and find out about what’s happening with the Local Offer. We did fun activities like creating their own Instagram posts.


Myself and other SEND people were featured in this amazing Local Offer video which you can watch here. The video is a short promo for the Local Offer and the wonderful community who are apart of it.


Somehow ducks have been found all over the SENDCode and DISC offices, no one knows where they've come from. Today a wanted sign was put up for the duck, wonder if they'll be found or not! Keep an eye out for these ducks and updates about them on my Instagram, @BladeDaBunny.


I played Cluedo was the first time and I am obsessed with it! A murder mystery board game with colour puns and character lore, all this sounds exactly like what I needed in my life! It was the most fun I've had playing a board game before, we played two games. My dad won the first and I won the second. I played Dr. Orchid, who was the replacement for Mrs White in the 2016 release of the game. I can't wait to play again with more people! I plan to watch the movie and series that come from the game.

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