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Blog Update + 2024 Life Updates

Hey! So I've been gone for a long time...well not gone just not blogging. I went from blogging once a week to not at all which sucks but life got busy and that's what I'm here to talk about! I do want to start blogging again, maybe once a month, do a monthly recap. A lot of fun things have happened which I can't cover everything but I'll cover the bigger things here!

Going forward I want to blog at least once a month, I can't promise that but blogging was a great way for me to track my life progress and share updates on my interests, work and random things that make me happy! I do that stuff in my Instagram stories, which I will continue to do but I like having this as an archive for anyone to go through. So goal is at the end of every month! This month I've just been very sick...


What's new? Well I won a Youth Buzz Awards 2024! I was short listed and nonmined for the same award last year, this year I actually won it. I'm so honoured that I got the Outstanding Achievements Award! Honestly this time last year I wouldn't think I'd have deserved it, I put a lot of work into myself over the course of last year. I've really been pushing myself to be the best version of myself, and I guess others have noticed too! I'm very grateful for the Local Offer, DISC and of course SENDCode.

Funny story, my name was misspelled on the my certificate and the programme, I was listed as 'Caprice Dibble' instead of Dipple, they resent my certificate which was nice! Luckily my mum told them about the mistake so they changed the name for the big screen and the announcement of my winning, it was funny though and I just knew with that bad luck I was going to win with the wrong name!


I started playing Para Ice Hockey! It's the most fun I've had in so long, it's a lot more freeing than my wheelchair, it's more fun to move around in. I love every second on the ice and always get excited for training session, I train every other Thursday. I am a big fan of Ice Hockley and was always sad I never got the chance to play when I could walk, this has gave me that opportunity to play and I'm so happy I did! I've also felt so disconnected with my physical disability, but being around so many other wheelchair users and people with physical disabilities was a nice change!


Appearance update: I have blue and purple hair now, and a new tattoo! The hair was highly inspired by Sulley from Monsters, Inc, done by my amazing hairdresser Pete, love him!

Next is my tattoo, two rhinos matching my teddy bear! I've had him since I was 11 months old and he's been my best friend, travelled everywhere with me! This is and will likely always be my most meaningful tattoo. It has more meaning than just my teddy, it's my growth, my happiest days and saddest. Every problem I ever have I know I can come home and hold him and everything will feel better. I may be 22 but he's been with me all my life and I couldn't imagine not having him with me! So having a part of him on me everywhere I go is the best feeling ever! I love how the tattoo came out, same place I got my last one, different artist but still turned out just as amazing as my first!


I needed a new wheelchair and the one I wanted was a bit out of my price range, so despite the fact I hate asking for help, I did. I started a GoFundMe to hopefully get just some help with getting the chair. Within 5 days I raised £3,066, the chair was £2,700, I was able to get the chair the same week I started the GoFundMe! I am forever grateful to everyone who supported, shared and donated! I love my new chair and it's all thanks to them! I am especially thankful to my work who donated £1,000, which each of the staff donating anywhere between £25-£100 each. I love my work for many reasons, they are just an amazing place to be with the best family of people, but this was everything to me! I never wanted to ask them for help, I didn't even have to, they did it independently and I am so thankful for having them!

With the extra money we raised we also got this portable hoist! So I got to enjoy a nice movie night on the sofa for the first time in years! The hoist is so very helpful for Hockey and traveling.

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