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Tasty BSL

I got my first tattoo! I love it, wasn't that bad really (the yellow was the most painful bit and took the longest to heal). It's the primary and secondary colours, for me it represents my love of art, my work and my years of studying! I also just kinda like that being this bright ball of colour is my brand now and the tattoo fits with that.


I've signed up for BSL (British Sign Language) lessons! I've been wanting to for a few years now but never really had time. Nothing in particular made me want to learn BSL other than it's a language I used to know at a basic level and I stopped using it so I thought I could pick it back up again!

Speaking of BSL, Cadbury has partnered with the National Deaf Children's Society for a fun new combo! You can now buy chocolate fingers that feature designs that show you how to sign words and phrases! You can find out more about Sign With Fingers here, on the website features videos on how to sign, some helpful articles on how to be more deaf-friendly, and where you can buy your own pack of these fingers!

With this campaign comes the best ads!

The above shows the signs of

"What A Goal", "Going Anywhere Nice?", and "Any Holidays Planned?"

Illustrations by Bodil Jane.

Fun fact, the hands are actually 3D models that are made to look 2D. You can find out a bit more about how the ads were made here.

Video by Peter Henderson.


I made a fun intro video for my work! Just thought I'd share it because I like it and it was the last project I did.

Canva also has the best writing AI, by this I mean I was messing around a bit and found an option called 'sprinkle fairy dust', I used it on my About Me section and it changed 'I'm a wheelchair user' to 'a journeyer upon the wheels of an enchanted chariot'. Anyway, this is now how I will describe my D&D character.

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