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This week I've still been working on Figma to make KCs website mockup, after a meeting with Michael we have decided that it's best I learn a bit more about Squarespace, which he is making the actual website in, because some parts of my Figma mockup aren't possible in Squarespace.

I've also been building my personal brand up a bit, sorting my social media and making a brand identity for myself which I had put on hold for a long time. I'm very excited to build my brand as BladeDaBunny and Caprice, combing the two has been hard so I've settled with keeping both separate and be Caprice Dipple to the public and any work I do under that name will go separately to any online work I do as BladeDaBunny, but they will both be connected in the way; I am both of them. This will be good to try new things and find a good audience for both types of my work, the illustrations and storytelling will stay with BladeDaBunny, and my corporate designs and branding for clients will stay on Caprice.

Keeping up with having pink hair on all my social media!

This week I've been trying to take care of myself more, and figure out where and how I want to take myself and my career in the future.

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