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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I am very excited to announce that I have opened my shop! You can get prints of my art, stickers, pins, notebooks, coasters, shirts and so much more on my Redbubble, as well as the Shop tab on my website!

And with Halloween just around the corner, I have a whole Halloween Collection with ghosts, skulls, and black cat designs available on stickers, pins, and more...


Taking inspiration from the beautiful Mandy Purley and her Cinderella cosplay with her glass arm. I made an art piece called Glass Leg. What if Cinderella lost her leg instead of a slipper? A beautiful fairy tale-inspired piece with a disabled twist.


A walker called Roami Walker is designed to go up and down stairs, making the user safely use inclines and stairs independently. Using a lever to readjust the frame and locking it in place will allow the user to move up and down stairs/inclines while leaning against the walker and using it to aid them. You can find out more about the Roami Walker here.


Some exciting news is that I now have the domain! Took me a while to sort everything out and get that sorted but I finally have done it! I also rebranded a little with my new logo and colours featured on the website and my shop page was added too! I'm very happy with my website and the progress I am making as both an artist and creator.

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