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Only Animals in the Party

No projects to share this week, I'll have more for my next blog. So enjoy some of the fun things and finds that have happened this week!

I reconnected with two of my old best friends! We would play games daily when we were 11 years old, calling every day. As the years went on we all also moved on, just got busy with life and didn't have time to hang out, we always remembered to message each other on our birthdays though! As of last Thursday, we have been chatting again! Playing games and catching up the last few nights. I love them both to bits, Amity and Libby you guys are awesome!


A game Amity, myself and literally all my friend group have been obsessed with is Party Animals. This adorable, wacky physics, PvP is the best game I've played in so long, I can't explain the endless fun and cute unlockable characters this game has! I've even made a few friends from the game itself as it has an open voice chat.


NFL Falcons v Jaguars

Pixars Toy Story and the NFL teamed up on Sunday and the Falcons and Jaguars got the amazing opportunity to 'play' in Andy's bedroom! Using motion tracking both teams were transformed into toys in Andy's room for all his toys to enjoy the game.

This is such a fun idea and a great way to get kids into sports. The feedback says it all honesty, from fans saying it brought their family together and teaches their kids sports in a way they'd understand.

To celebrate their win the Jaguars fell to the ground like toys when Andy came home!


From now until January 2024 the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Pokémon has taken over the beautiful works of Gogh and has jumped into his world. You can find remakes of his paintings, from Sunflowers to The Bedroom, six of his famous works have been reimagined featuring fan favourite Pokémon. The six paintings were created by Naoyo Kimura, sowsow, and Tomokazu Komiya. You can find more information and book your tickets to visit on the Van Gogh Museum website.


My favourite show, Only Murders in the Building season 3 reached its finale last Tuesday and I, somehow, predicted the killer in episode 6 for the wrong reasons (my only evidence was based on a scene we later find out they weren't even in...) but still got it right so I'll take It. Now we patiently wait for season 4! This season made me so emotional with the storylines portrayed, Oliver being my favourite character finally getting his chance in the spotlight just for another murder and his health causing it all to almost not come true! With so many wonderful musical numbers from many of the cast including the BEST special guest they've had on the show so far, Meryl Streep. This season had me crying, laughing, and gasping, every moment was so perfect. Please treat yourself to Only Murders in the Building, you can find it on Hulu, but if you are in the UK (like me) it is on DisneyPlus!

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