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On The Boat About AI

I’ve finished the GOM Booklet! Awaiting some feedback but the main body of it is done. My goal was to get it done before the end of the month and I have very easily met that deadline. I’m very happy with how it’s turned out, there’s some things I would change if the brand book let me but I have to stick to those rules! It was a fantastic project, I really loved it, I can’t wait to do more projects like it.

Because I’ve completed that project, I was left without anything to do, which meant I had no good excuse to deny a project I previously said no to. The project itself is fine and I can do it, it’s the deadline that’s the issue, which is today (25th) and I only got given it 2 days ago. So 3 days to complete a flyer where I have little knowledge in flyers/posters. In the span of 2 days I’ve done the quickest research possible to get some ideas, found colours and fonts, now today I have to throw it all together into a beautiful masterpiece. Due to this project I know how the Hex colour for the Digital Advantage green memorised, it’s not hard to remember but it’s harder to forget, I just have #52AB57 repeating in my head. I was working on many devices and I needed the colour for each so instead of finding where I wrote it, it was easier to remember.

I was lucky enough to be featured as part of Greater Manchester Digital Blueprint alongside many great people, one of them being the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham. It was a lovely opportunity and I have had a great time working with them! You can watch the Greater Manchester Combined Authority video here:

Probably one of the funniest moments this week was on Friday. I went to the cinema with my dad and it was a lot. Losing each other in the maze of stairs, elevators and escalators. Trying to guide my dad using one of those on screen drinks machines! It was a funny adventure, the best part to me was the story I put on Instagram. I got the phrases ‘on the fence’ and ‘in the same boat’ mixed up to make ‘on the boat’.

Rant about AI…

In the media lately the biggest thing is AI, the good and the bad of it. An ongoing fight from people for and against AI, I see it everyday. Over the last few months DISC has been advancing and bringing in the use of AI to help interns. I haven’t really joined in this new change. Honestly I stay quiet when the talk of AI is brought up, I haven’t shared my opinions on the topic. I’m definitely stuck between two rocks in this situation. As an artist some aspects of AI anger me a lot and how some people use it. The other half of me has people close to me who use and support it. I don’t go one way or the other, AI is the future, no one can change that. AI has never been the issue to me, I support the idea of new technology, the biggest issue is the people who use it and sometimes the creators of the AI.

One of the biggest AI issues that caught my attention in the beginning was the DeviantArt update that added AI. With this update your account and any new accounts made are automatically opted in to let their art be used to support the AI. This caused a lot of backlash and it seemed like the company made this choice without acknowledging this feature in the update. You had to go into your settings and opted out when you didn’t even have the choice in the beginning. They got so much hate that they finally changed it to your account is auto set to opting out and you have to opt in if you want your art to train the AI. But websites like DeviantArt and ArtStation where people could share their artwork and use it for portfolios started getting overrun by AI images, everything started looking the same, no unique art, all the featured work was by AI generators. I don’t believe in AI Artists, just because you typed keywords into an already made and coded website and it popped out an image, it doesn’t make it yours. If anything, the person who created the AI generator is the ‘AI Artist’. Most AI art generators don’t even credit the artist used to train the AI

December last year ArtStation got overrun with artists posting an image saying ‘No to AI generated images’, hundreds of these images took over ArtStation to get rid of any AI images shown, the featured page was covered in these images. Even putting their own artist twists on it.

I even joined in with mine:

It was a great moment where artists were winning and artists of all kinds came together to fight against something. It did get better, laws are now being put in place and credit is being given to those who deserve it. Though AI art isn’t as big of an issue as it was in December, it’s still there.

I recommend looking into AI and the Writers Strike going on in America, that’s the current AI issue going on and it’s really interesting. It’s sad directors and writers are already struggling with getting paid for their work but now they have to compete against AIs like ChatGPT. I won’t go into this too much as I’ve already had my rant and it’s kinda all the same argument. At the end of the day, we should blame the people using the AI for the wrong reasons, not the AI itself. We can work alongside AI and not compete against each it.

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