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Meetings & Accessibilty

Updated: May 4, 2023

This week has been less art and physical work but more meetings, conversations about future projects and personal life updates (plus many accessibility issues).

On Wednesday I presented part of a meeting about the Local

Offer project, it went super well and we have a meeting next Thursday to present the project to the SEND board. The rest of the day was spent showing the whole building and visitors the Local Offer work as everyone was curious to hear about it (the truth is Ezra and Seamus just wanted to show off mine and Toby's work, they're just proud).

Today I mainly worked on my section for our DISC intern cook book, my plan is to make mine as a comic:

To end things today, my adventure began at lunch when a lift ride to get downstairs took me 5 minutes, it was a 3 minute wait, then when I was in the lift to go down to the bottom floor from the first floor, I went up to the fifth floor, then the seventh, then eleventh… 2 minutes to get down to my floor.

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