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Local Offer Design

Updated: May 4, 2023

Myself and another intern, Toby, began working on a new look for Manchester Local Offer, with this comes a new website that we are building. While Toby works on wireframe I found the colours and designed the new logo.

We decided on a colour theme together, I put together a few different colour palettes and with the help of all the interns we found that palette three was the favourite. With this in mind Toby took that feedback into the wireframe and I could begin finding which is our main colour, secondary and other accent colours.

Knowing our colours I could then move onto the logo, coming up for a design for a website that gives SEND information I wanted that to be clear in the logo, below our concepts of how I built the logo, what changes were made, what colours we used and the final design of the logo. Again all with feedback from all interns.

A mock-up of the website was made by Toby:

You can find more of Toby's amazing work at his website

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