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Goodbyes and Hellos!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Yesterday was my last work day as a DISC intern. Today is all about celebrating the first year of DISC and the interns who are moving on to their next step in life. It's an emotional day but we all knew it would have to come to an end. We have a fun day planned, from games to food! No computers, no work, just fun! We showed memories, everyone got awards for their achievements, I was a crying mess! I was honoured to make the design for the new DISC T-Shirts, which all the interns got! I made sure to get everyone to sign mine.

Saying goodbye isn't fun, so let's say hello to Sulley! This is my adorable kitten, only 9 weeks old. He's been my best friend the last few days, getting to know him and watching him explore is such a lovely experience. He and Narla, my rottweiler, are slowly becoming friends, though with the height difference (and Narlas not realising said height difference) we're taking it slow for their friendship. Sulley has adapted very well to his new environment and has been great overall, could do with less of the biting though.

We're only a few days away from Art Fight! Check out my profile!

What is ArtFight?

Artfight is an annual art event where artists of All kinds are pitted against each other in an 'Art trade battle'. Participants are split into 2 teams at the start of the event, and the event lasts for 1 month. For the event, you earn points for your team by drawing characters belonging to the opposite team. Likewise, the other team will do the same. Drawing art of someone else's character is referred to as 'Attacking' them. At the end of Artfight, the team with the highest total points wins! But technically everyone wins because it's just about artists appreciating other artists.

This is actually my first year doing Art Fight as I promised myself at the start of the year I'd join! Hopefully, I have the time and energy to do this but I'll be happy even just doing one attack! Past me wanted this and I'm glad to be finally joining.

Barbie advertising blows me away AGAIN! You can find my last blog about Barbies advertising here. This time it's in a physical form, with a bright Barbie pink plain billboard with the date July 21st.

To most people, this billboard is a mystery and that's the greatness of the advertising behind it! It's a conversation starter, it gets people Googling, and questioning the date. As someone who is excited about this movie and obsessed with advertising, I instantly knew when I saw it, I verbally went "Oh my god, that billboard is amazing!" and the people I was with were confused, I said "July 21st, Barbie movie, pink billboard". Love the marketing team behind this movie, everyone's gonna know about this movie! Some other movies should take note of this kinda stuff, though I know some movies don't have that big of a budget for marketing.

Go check out this @MoshIsaccians Twitter thread about the Barbie movie marketing!

I only started blogging because of DISC, but I don't plan to stop. Blogging has helped me let out my weekly issues and events, it's a journal for me to look back on and for people in my life to keep updated about what I'm up to! It was hard to get into the loop of blogging weekly but now I think it would be harder to stop! So don't worry, you'll hear from me again next week.

Lastly while out eating Ezra found a mysterious coin with the words Together on one side and Solo on the other. We all had theories of what it could be, is it for a trolly? Poker? Or is it an art piece in itself? Well, the answer was an art piece, a project by the artist and wheelchair user Ryan Gander, there are 200,000 of these coins all around Greater Manchester, read more about The Find project.

P.S. don't mix alcohol, I learned the hard way that wasn't the best idea today…

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1 Comment

Jun 30, 2023

It was a great day of celebrating our first wonderful year at DISC. Thanks for designing the T-shirt Caprice. It will go down as a classic.

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