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First Week Back

Updated: May 4, 2023

During the holidays we released our intern DISCoook Book that I had the honour of putting together! Which you can download here: Download our DISCoook Book here

It was a great project, I learnt a lot about InDesign and ways to manage myself with time, a very unhealthy way is to down a whole can of Monster and double your work load, but I don’t suggest this because I’m still recovering from how much it ruined my sleep schedule. In all honesty it was something I wasn’t experienced with but I wanted to get better at and I’m glad I was chosen for the project and got it finished just in time! I’m also proud of all the interns and staff that submitted recipes, we had many snacks that week.

On Monday at DISC we presented the tasks we had to do over the holidays, one was to create a video of anything that happened during the holiday, mine was an announcement for an upcoming project which will be available on my home page soon! The other thing we had to do was design DISC t-shirts, here’s my designs and the one on the black and white t-shirts was the favourite among the other interns and staff (it’s also my favourite).

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