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Disability Pride Month

Happy Disability Pride Month!

An important time for raising awareness to make the world more accessible and supportive to make living life easier for people like me! Show your support and listen to disabled voices this month and every other month! I will be one of those voices. Go read more about Disability Pride Month here.

For the rest of this month, I will be posting on Tuesdays, as well as Thursdays, except disability related blog posts on Tuesdays, from topics such as Ableism to disability representation!

Meta launched Threads, a rival to Twitter. It uses your same account and detail from Instagram so you can stay connected with the same followers across all Meta platforms. It has a beautiful UI, from a fun @ logo that also acts as the loading bar, to when you create a thread (by replying to someone) you may get a fun loop to connect the profile pictures! Weirdly hashtags are not a feature that can be used yet on Threads, likely will appear later because Meta platforms usually rely heavily on hashtags. I’m excited to see where Threads go and what Twitter might do next to keep their users from moving.

When you make a Threads account you get a temporary badge shown on your Instagram page, when you click it you can go to that person's Threads account. It’s interesting that it says temporary, meaning it will disappear at some point. It is possible they want Threads to replace Instagram too? But Threads is listed as an Instagram app, so they are linked at the moment. Note you can import your profile information (name, bio, and link) but none of your posts will transfer over.

I am still doing Art Fight, which is fun, at the moment the other team is winning but we still have the rest of the month to catch up!

Last week I mentioned Ryan Ganders' The Find project, well I managed to find all three coins! I am obsessed with the designs on them and the detail. My favourite is 'Pause' because it's literally a clock with all the numbers fallen! How creative is that? This was so fun and it gave me the opportunity to explore and connect with Manchester so much more.

This week may have not been as active as my usual weeks but expect more fun and educational blogs in the coming weeks! I'm very excited to raise awareness about Disabilities this year and I'm thankful to have a platform to do that now!

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