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Updated: Jun 15, 2023

During the week off I wanted to work on my design skills, mainly my logo design. I decided to use a prompt generator to help me with a brand name and details on it, instead of trying to come up with that stuff on my own. Here's the prompt I got:

I knew right away with it being a vegan brand that I could turn that V into some kind of plant. I wanted something fun and friendly. I was so happy with the end result, colours could still be worked on. Here's the design I ended up with, with a few variants for flavours:

I finished the Your DNA poster, I haven't heard back from Rav yet about his thoughts but everyone else thought it was great! Personally I think it could be better but the biggest critic of your work is yourself.

In wheelchair news; a new aeroplane seat concept that allows wheelchair users to stay in their own chair throughout a flight was revealed this week by a subsidiary of US airline Delta, a move welcomed as a “huge step” by potential customers. Read more about it here

I am so excited for this! Though it will definitely be a few years before all planes pick up on this, it's fantastic it's even being made. I always get so uncomfortable and anxious flying, on top of that I have to leave my wheelchair in the hands of strangers and just hope it makes it to the destination with me or else I'm completely unable to enjoy my time. My wheelchair is a big part of my independence, I feel safe to leave it in my own house, other than that I do not feel comfortable to leave my chair at all. Buses and trams allow me to travel safely in my chair, I am shocked it's taken so long for planes to take this concept, I'm glad it's here though. Sadly for my next trip this definitely won't be available but fingers crossed for my next holiday it will!

I went to see Spider-man: Across The Spider-verse with my brother, he has seen it 3 times already. I definitely can see why he had to see the film so many times! As an artist and creator it was a beautiful film to watch. It featured so many types of art styles and mediums like watercolour, inks and collage with so many more! I was having the most amazing time watching all these styles and so many fun Spider-people! I think my most favourite part was when a Spider-woman named Sun-Spider, who is a wheelchair user and she uses her crutches to shoot webs, appeared (with a speaking role) and her wheelchair had spider legs coming out of them! This movie is for everyone, even if you don't enjoy Spider-man just go enjoy the story, character development, art and diversity. I could tell that the artist on this film loved making it, so much care went into every scene!

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