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Updated: May 22, 2023

During my current project, I ran into a weird issue with InDesign. All my round text got this black angles behind the text itself. I knew it was an issue in InDesign and not the file itself as when I exported the file the issue was gone. Messing around with every text, font and typography setting I could find, nothing worked. I went to Ezra, we couldn’t work it out, I was at a loss. Matt sat next to me and gave me a very honest reaction “I may not understand design but what’s up”, I showed him the issue and like magic he typed something into Google and found my issue. It was something to do with the GPU settings, do I understand this? No, not at all, but it worked and I won’t complain. I’ve also learnt that Matt has a good way with processing issues as he knew exactly what to Google when Ezra and I did not.

The weird black text before & after fix:

GPU setting, when the black was there this setting was on, turn it off and it should fix the issue.

My blog last week mentioned my current struggle with anxiety and the harm I’ve caused to my hands due to it. I haven’t been cured but I have been coping better. A few ways I’ve been coping are talking to my friends and loved ones about any issues, worries or fears I’m having lately. I try to get out of the house more and treat myself to things, such as I’m planning on going to the movies on Friday! The best thing that I have done to help myself is wearing bracelets to fidget with. My issue is nail biting so the way to get around this is by having a bracelet, that is a zipper, to mess around with and a LEGO bracelet where I can pick on and off the little tiles to mimic my obsession with pulling my nails.

Outside Of The Box has a new episode out which I am featured in! At the end you’ll hear a conversation between myself and Beck as we discuss our different experiences of being wheelchair users in a public school and a school made for kids with disabilities. You can listen to that podcast episode here; Outside Of The Box: Access Denied.

I've got a fun find in the design world, I know I’m late to this rebrand talk but it’s an interesting one. Bolt, an app to connect retailers and shoppers, had a ‘shockingly simple’ redesign done by Koto. You can find the whole article here; Blot: Shockingly Simple. The redesign itself is amazing, I won’t lie, I was surprised that no one else had done a design like this before! Until, I found out it had been done before...

...many times actually.

So it’s not the most unique design choice and that was what got it talked about back in January. I find this brand is going to really struggle with this change, with an overly used redesign and the same name as Bolt the taxi service which is much more well known, they may run into many problems. But I don’t deny the fact that this redesign is so much better than their original design and the added details of their unique font is definitely a positive for this brand.

Lastly, my dad said he’s gonna start reading my blogs so, HI DAD!

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