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Updated: May 4, 2023

As I’ve been getting out of my rut this week I’ve been pushing on a lot of personal growth. I have been finding joy in drawing again because I stopped forcing myself to do work I wasn’t ready to commit to as much. This has helped me build my confidence and love my art again.

While at DISC I have been learning Figma to build a wireframe for a client’s website. It’s been really great learning how to use it. Figma itself is very user friendly and just makes sense in the way you can use it unlike other softwares. For example, when you copy and paste in Figma it pastes exactly on top of the object you copied, whereas on something like Adobe Illustrator the paste is slightly moved down to the right and it’s always annoyed me. Another thing is zooming is so much easier with a mouse then it is on Illustrator! I can honestly go on forever about how much I’ve enjoyed learning Figma.

What I’ve got so far:

With my research I have learnt about website design competitions that people will use Figma while competing against other designs to create web designs using the same prompts/brand and completing the design in under a certain amount of time. I can’t say I’d be interested in competing but seeing their ideas and the ways they use Figma was a great help!

Honestly this week has mainly been working with Figma…which definitely isn’t an issue at all.

Figma is a powerful web-based design tool that helps you create anything, websites, applications, logos, and much more. You'll take your first steps into User Interface Design and User Experience Design by learning how to use Figma.

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