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Cookbook, Video and SEND Board

Updated: May 4, 2023

During this week I began putting together everyone’s recipes into one cook book which I have named The DISCoook Book (with 3 o’s), hoping to get that done sometime this week, there’s a lot of work to go into it and it’s my first time using InDesign properly. Very excited to work more on that this week.

On Tuesday DISC wanted to make a ‘Day of an Intern’ video and I was chosen as the intern (most likely due to my bright hair matching the DISC logo), it was quite fun, had a camera follow me all day from the moment I came off the bus and the other interns got a good laugh out of it. I also was interviewed at the end which I was a little nervous because I’ve only just started being comfortable talking to a camera but I think it went good. At the end of the day a random drunk man followed me from the DISC building to my bus stop trying to talk to me…it was odd but I was able to find security in the bus station and stayed in sight of them until the guy left.

Today was full of nerves for me, I had a meeting to meet a client I’ll be working with and I’ve got to begin working on a logo for them on Wednesday most likely. After lunch we had our SEND Board meeting to show the work me, Toby and the other interns have done for the Local Offer, Ezra and I presented it, I’ve never presented in front of so many people before so it was has been on my mind all week but it went fantastic and I believe everyone liked our work, I’m proud of everyone involved in the project and I can finally sleep stress free tonight. Thank you Clare for the prep work, you’re amazing! (I know you’ll be reading this).

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