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Colourful Endings

Last Friday DISC was on the BBC North West news! It was about Dylan's GetAutism campaign which is to get Nerodivergent young people in the workplace and help working environments be more accessible to Neurodiverse people! You can watch it on the DISC website.

This has been our last full week at the DISC internship. I’ve said this so many times now but I will continue to say it. DISC has been a family to me, I felt accepted by the team and they’ve given me so many opportunities that would have been impossible without them. It was more than an internship for me, I’ve got my independence back because of their help, I have built my skills to a point I can be so proud of and that’s thanks to all the love and support. I’m so grateful to have had this experience and I will forever thank the team. I am also lucky enough to be working alongside the team in the coming months! I’m excited for this career path because I didn’t think it would be possible to do the things I love for a living but DISC has given me that chance.

A few days ago I read something and at the end it said “You may not be where you want to be, yet, but you’re not where you used to be”. I never thought of this, I try to forget my past so I can come forward but how do I know if I’m moving forward if I don’t want to remember what happened before. I’m not at my fullest potential yet, I’m far off in some areas, but I definitely am not the same person I used to be. I may not be like my parents, at my age they owned houses, had families and amazing jobs. For me I’m only just starting my career, but if you talked to me when I was 13, I couldn’t tell you where I would be in 5 years, let alone 10! I couldn’t even read properly and now I write blogs every week without issue! I love who I am now, I always say this, I’m not who I used to be but she shouldn’t be forgotten because without her I wouldn’t be here. Younger me fought so hard and pushed to get to be who I am today. So yes I am not where I hoped to be at my age, but only 5 years ago could I not do the things I do now.

This blog is a little bit emotional so let's try and cheer this up by talking about a very colourful new art trend!

This trend looks so fun! You have a normal colour wheel with 8 colours and you draw in that wheel characters that match the colour! They can be your own characters, they can be from your favourite series or movie, you can have one character or more! In the art community this is all over social media, from Twitter to Instagram. I haven’t taken part yet but I plan to soon! It’s such an open concept, all you have to do is pick a character that matches the colour, you can add your own theme if you want like ‘only animal characters’ or ‘only muppets’, it’s an opportunity for endless possibilities.

10 years ago, one of my favourite movies, Monsters University, was released! By no means is it a movie masterpiece, but for the animation world I think it stands out. It’s one of my biggest inspirations for storytelling, character development, colour and art as a whole. It’s a movie I know far too much about, I mean this ask my family and friends. But I take my time to research this film as every new piece of information gives me such a creativity boost! It’s a beautiful film about accepting the way you were born differently to the world around you and how that shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goal. I didn’t think a silly movie about cartoon monsters would stick with me for so long, but it has and I am far from ashamed!

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