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This week has been very fun for me. I've started a new project using InDesign to make a digital brochure and I've been loving every second of that project. I get to work on my InDesign skills and am gaining experience doing graphic design. The colours and designs are so hard to use, but I'm making it work, plus I love a good challenge! Ezra has been super helpful and amazing with the brochure.

Speaking of Ezra, he gave me the best reaction I've ever gotten from a gift I gave him, it was a t-shirt that said 'Design is my Passion' in the worst fonts, graphics and effects. Honestly, as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of Ezra and had to buy it! It was well worth it for his reaction, plus I thought he should have a gift for helping me so much. I know it's his job but I appreciate him and wanted to show that.

I was also interviewed by WhatMedia for a video they are making about digital inclusivity. DISC offers a lot of digital inclusivity so WhatMedia wanted an Intern to film. I was picked and that went really well! It didn't take too long and I'm getting so much better at it too. Talking to camera makes me so nervous but the people from WhatMedia were so kind and fun to chat with!

Finally, I've begun a new (but similar) 31 days challenge with my friends. I made a prompt list called Monster May where everyday of May we make a Monsters Inc themed drawing! Today is day 4 and so far I've loved doing it. It's really been a nice experience and I don't rush myself or even force myself to do it, if I want to do it that day then I will. Drawing everyday has been great because I'm working on my digital Illustration skills, time management and producing fun content for my social media!

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