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Updated: Sep 22, 2023

It's been a while since I've blogged, I fell really ill in July and I wasn't able to work or do almost anything when I finally got better I just got extremely busy with commissions, vacation planning, starting my new job, and my birthday! Hopefully, I will be back to blog again, I've missed sharing design stuff and just letting off steam through writing. I'll go over everything that's happened in the last two months for this blog then back to normal post next Thursday.

Mid August I went on holiday to Arizona for my friend's wedding! I was only there for a week, it went by quite slowly and every day was super fun, from swimming to amazing food. Sadly first day there BiritshAirways broke my wheelchair, pulled the battery off, and lost my footplate. The Airport in Arizona was so good with me though, they had a replacement for me to use for the week and had it sorted for me by the next morning and paid for my wheelchair to get fixed. Other than that the rest of the holiday was wonderful! My boyfriend, mum and I had such a nice time, the wedding was so beautiful! Congratulations again Cat and Dalton, I'll have to visit you guys again soon!

On the 1st of September, I started my first job! I am a content creator at SENDCode. This is my first official job and I've been loving it. I'm so glad it is with a company I trust and that cares for me and others so deeply, every day is super fun and a new challenge in the office! You'll see blogs about all the fun struggles I have on new projects again, so stay tuned! But it really is a dream workplace with my favourite people.

I plan to be updating my website with my new branding, you'll see my website change over the next few weeks. I want to push myself more as a freelancer and as a creator, my website will be the best place for updates on me and my work. My commissions have been going great, I've been doing things like birthday cards, emotes for Twitch and Discord, and fan art. I have also added more options to my commission sheet:

Lastly, I'm setting up my Discord server and Twitch, I plan to start live streaming again. I have quite an unhealthy habit of bringing work home and not having time to relax, because I started my new job and no one at work wants me to be stressed I need a hobby to get me out of 'work mode'. So what's a more stress-free relaxing hobby than playing horror games in front of a ton of strangers on the internet? So sometime soon on Fridays, come watch me get spooked! I don't have a set date but I will post when I do! First I still need to set up my Discord which will be linked right on my website (if you've noticed there is a Discord button but it doesn't work, I know). I really can't wait to start and share my love for horror games with everyone!

I also turned 22 on the 13th! It was a great day, despite me accidentally volunteering to work when I wasn't meant to...but it ended up great because work went out for drinks with me and it was really fun! Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and a big thank you to Mum, Dad, Ezra, Caroline, and Kirsty for my gifts, I really love them all! Also, the card from work that everyone signed, meant the world to me!

Thanks for coming back to read my blog! I hope to see you all again next Thursday, hope to have fun designs, advertising, and disability stuff to share!

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