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Accepting Struggles

Last Thursday I was nominated for a Buzz Youth Award and made it in the top three of the Outstanding Achievements category. I didn’t win but it was an amazing experience just being there and I was placed on the best and loudest table, who cheered for each nominee that they knew and also me.

Over the last few weeks I have lost my creative flow and I’ve been struggling with stress and insecurities. This week I took it to refresh, allowing myself to take a break and sort out what I needed to so I can get back to my usual self. I miss being positive and bubbly because it’s always easier being happy rather than sad. I’m going to try and push myself a bit more to help out at DISC and at home.

I haven’t been fully uncreative, I have been reworking on an old project from 3 years ago, it’s actually been the most fun I’ve had on a personal project in a while. The biggest thing is keeping away from computers and digital in general, this whole art project has been paper and pencil!

With me not using computers and technology as much it has cleared my mind so much, I reorganised my phone to make it show I have less screen time on it and don’t do anything that wastes space or isn’t useful to my growth.

It’s been a very different week to what I’m used to but I’m still growing into who I want to be in life. Despite my lack of creativity and my insecurities of my disability I know I have an amazing social life, I haven’t asked for help because I don’t know what I need yet but I’ve been with people when I get stuck in my own head and have learnt that I can be my positive and bubbly self when I’m not so focused on what I can’t do right now.

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